Dentistry to Treat Snoring

Dentistry to Treat Snoring

You may think your snoring is just a nuisance, and think it is not important to treat. But snoring may be a sign of a deadly condition known as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a chronic disorder that affects millions of people in United States. This disorder causes you to stop breathing for ten seconds or longer. It may occur, ten, fifty or even more times an hour. This causes choking, labored breathing, and loud snoring when breathing resumes and interrupts your sleep cycle. An interrupted sleep cycle can lead to numerous issues including:

Memory loss
High blood pressure
Weight gain
Coronary disorders
Severe mood swings
Depression, anxiety, and increased tension

Because it occurs in your sleep, you may not ever know you have sleep apnea. Most often, this disorder is first mentioned by spouses or roommates who notice your snoring, but still may go undiagnosed while various methods of controlling the problem are attempted. Instead of trying every remedy on the market, a sleep apnea dentist can help you get your snoring under control and restore a healthy, uninterrupted sleep cycle.

Treating Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is linked to smoking, alcohol consumption, and certain medications, but can also affect people who do not engage in any of these activities. When you lie down, your airways can become obstructed by your uvula, tonsils, or enlarged adenoids. Sleep apnea is caused by a blocking or constriction of airways in your nose, throat, and mouth, resulting in gasping for air and snoring as your body attempts to get the oxygen necessary to continue functioning.

In order to treat this disorder, your dentist will need to find a way to keep your airways open. Commonly, simple lifestyle changes can have an impact on the degree of your sleep apnea, but this will not always alleviate the problem. A sleep apnea dentist will be able to assess the root cause of your disorder and help determine the best way to correct your problem.

Most often, sleep apnea is treated with the use of a special oral appliance that you wear during sleep that keeps airways open. When this is insufficient, a special breathing apparatus may be necessary. If neither of these methods work, your sleep apnea dentist will be able to suggest surgical options to permanently correct the problem.

Besides being a distraction to those you live with, snoring can be a serious health risk. Fortunately, several options exist to help reduce snoring, and restore restful, beneficial sleep.


If you live in or around Portsmouth, Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, Newport or Virginia Beach, Virginia and are suffering from chronic snoring, please visit the website of sleep apnea dentist Dr. Michael P. Folck DDS to see how we can help you get the sleep you need to function your best.



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