Snoring Aids

Snoring Aids

For many people snoring will never be a real problem. Everybody snores once in a while. This can be because of sleeping with your mouth open, or because you drank too much. However there are people for whom snoring is a serious problem. They suffer from lack of sleep because of their snoring. It can also put your relationship under pressure if you keep your partner awake night after night by your snoring.

Luckily there are some snoring aids that can give some relief and reduce snoring. The primary snoring aid advised is checking your pillow and see how old it is. If it is hold and hard, a good idea would be to buy a new foam pillow. A new pillow can put your head in a better position and improve breathing in your sleep. Another recommendation is not to sleep on your back. Most people who snore lie on their back instead of their side or stomach. Changing the position you sleep can reduce snoring and improve sleep.

If these measures don’t work, some others might. Many people who snore are too heavy and sometimes have obesities. Because fat is accumulating in your throat, you have more difficulties breathing normal in your sleep which will increase snoring. Eating healthy and loose some weight could be an answer to your snoring problems.

Another very good snoring aid is CPAP, continuous positive air flow. This is a machine where you have to put a mask on your face when you go to sleep. The mask will blow air into your mouth creating a positive airflow. This will prevent the tissue in your throat from touching each other and so prevent snoring. The device itself is a very good solution for the person who is sleeping next to the snorer. For the snorer itself the machine can be uncomfortable. People also suffer from a sore throat and a dry mouth when they use this machine.

The aids mentioned here are the most effective but off course their are many more that could work for you. If all of them are not working for you, operation can be a serious option. It is not the first option you should think about, but reducing snoring through operation can be a very effective way in improving your sleep quality.

Alex Mayor is a psychologist. he works as a researcher at the University of Amsterdam and he works in a home for the elderly. Sleeping disorders are very common and can often be treated. He provides help with sleep disorders of which snoring aids are a primary part. A sleep apnea pillow is a non invasive way of reducing snoring in sleep apnea.


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