Snoring Newsletter – New This Week – W45-46

Just No Snoring Newsletter – Weeks 45-46 This week we have interesting info: Did you know that a new small device blows air without the bulkiness of the CPAP machine? Also, natural tips to get rid of snoring and sleep apnea, implantable device to prevent the tongue blocking the air passage, salt treatment for allergies and sleep apnea, checking the pros and cons of napping, foods to help control snoring, enlarged tonsils related to sleep apnea, dealing with a snorer, choosing …

Just No Snoring Newsletter

Newsletter Weeks 30-31 – 2017 This Week: New Wearable Device Prevents Snoring, App Identifies Snoring Sound Sleeping On The Back Can Lead To Sleep Apnea And Back Pain Leg And Foot Cramps At Night Might Be Related To Sleep Apnea And Low Oxygen Levels And More… snoring

Snoring Newsletter – New This Week – W42

Just No Snoring Newsletter – Week 42 This week we have interesting info: Did you know that sleep apnea can reduce the sleeping hours of your kids, affecting their development? Also, when to consider surgery for snoring, improving sleep with regular exercise, sleep apnea related to increased risk of diabetes type 2, frequent anxiety and exhaustion can be a symptom of sleep apnea, and more.

Snoring Newsletter – New This Week – W39

Just No Snoring Newsletter – Week 39 This week we have interesting info: Did you know that sleep apnea can affect your cardiovascular health? Also, explaining sleep walking and night terrors, avoiding foods that interrupt sleep, snoring in children can be a symptom of a health condition, long naps related to diabetes and sugar conditions, dealing with the negative effects of sleep apnea, and more.


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