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Breathing Through The Nose Humidifies The Air And Filters Pathogens

Breathing To The Mouth Increases The Risk Of Contagion By Inhaling Unfiltered Air, And Results In Snoring, Sleep Apnea, And Hypertension

Lack Of Proper Sleep Prevents The Body From Repairing Itself At Night

Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Apnea, And High Blood Pressure Are Also Related To Poor Sleep

Physical Activity Can Contribute To Lower The Risk Of Sleep Apnea

It Can Be As Moderate As Adding 20 Minutes To A Daily Walk Or 8 Minutes To A Strong Exercise

Avoiding Chronic Morning Breath

It Can Be Prevented With Proper Oral Health, Drinking Water For Saliva Production, And Staying Away From Garlic And Onions, Among Others

Understanding The Causes Of Sleep Paralysis

Among Them Are Anxiety, PTSD, Sleep Deprivation, And Sleep Apnea