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Tachycardia Is Associated With Atrial Fibrillation, Which Can Lead To A Stroke

Certain Conditions Are Related To It, Such As Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, And Sleep Apnea

Mandibular Advancement Devices As A Treatment For Sleep Apnea

These Devices Prevent Snoring By Advancing The Jaw And Tongue Forward, Preventing Airway Obstruction

Night Shift Workers Usually Higher Risk Of Sleep Problems, Obesity, And High Blood Pressure

The Negative Effects Can Be Lowered By Working On The Day Or On The Night Shift, But Not Alternating Them

New Device Diagnoses Sleep Apnea By Monitoring Breathing Patterns Using Bioimpedance

It Has Shown A 73% Of Success Detecting This Sleep Condition

Clearing Doubts About Sleepwalking

It Can Be Caused By Hyperthyroidism, Sleep Deprivation, Sleep Apnea, And Traumatic Head Injury, Among Others