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Home Sleep Testing Can Offer An Initial Approach To Diagnose Sleep Disorders

These Monitor Breathing, Airflow, And Blood Oxygen And Are An Alternative For Tests In Special Facilities


The Snorer’s Partner Also Requires A Night Without Sleep Interruptions

Among The Solutions Are Going To Sleep Earlier, Using Earplugs, Or Using A White Noise Machine To Block The Sound


Some People Wake Up Tired Even After Sleeping The Recommended Eight Hours

The Reason Is That They Are Having Sleep Quantity, But Not Sleep Quality


Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Is A Symptom Of Another More Serious Condition

Main Cause Is Lack Of Proper Sleep Due To Sleep Apnea


An Extremely Slow Heartbeat Prevents Blood Oxygen From Being Pumped Throughout The Body

This Condition Is Called Bradycardia And Is Caused By Heart Disease, Sleep Apnea, And Hypothyroidism


Tachycardia Is Associated With Atrial Fibrillation, Which Can Lead To A Stroke

Certain Conditions Are Related To It, Such As Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, And Sleep Apnea


Mandibular Advancement Devices As A Treatment For Sleep Apnea

These Devices Prevent Snoring By Advancing The Jaw And Tongue Forward, Preventing Airway Obstruction


Night Shift Workers Usually Higher Risk Of Sleep Problems, Obesity, And High Blood Pressure

The Negative Effects Can Be Lowered By Working On The Day Or On The Night Shift, But Not Alternating Them


New Device Diagnoses Sleep Apnea By Monitoring Breathing Patterns Using Bioimpedance

It Has Shown A 73% Of Success Detecting This Sleep Condition


Clearing Doubts About Sleepwalking

It Can Be Caused By Hyperthyroidism, Sleep Deprivation, Sleep Apnea, And Traumatic Head Injury, Among Others