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Our Latest News Include...

  • Diagnosing Chronic Anxiety Disorder

    Doctors Can Use A Short Test, To Detect Excessive Worrying, Or A Blood Test, If The Is A Health Condition Such As Overactive Thyroid, Sleep Interruptions, Or Vitamin Deficiency

    Breathing Through The Nose Increases The Production Of Nitric Oxide A Substance That Increases Circulation And Also Promotes Lung Function In Coronavirus Patients

    On The Other Hand, Breathing Through The Mouth Increases The Risk Of Periodontitis And Dries The Oral Cavity, Promoting The Growth Of Bacteria Responsible For Bad Breath

    Nasal Polyps Can Cause Sleep Apnea Due To Nasal Passage Blockage

    These Are Benign Growths That Appear Inside The Nose And In The Sinus And May Be Caused By Inflammation

    Poor Sleep Can Lead To A Narrowing Of The Blood Vessels, Decreasing The Blood Flow

    Untreated, It Will Deprive The Heart And Brain Of Oxygen, Increasing The Risk Of Organ Damage, Being Worsened By Sleep Apnea

    Insomnia And Sleep Fragmentation Due To Sleep Apnea Can Result In Emotional Disorders

    Among These Are Stress, Anxiety, Depression, And Irritation

  • Working At Home May Lead To Lifestyle Changes In Daily Activities, Promoting Sleep Apnea

    The Causes Are Sedentarism, Irregular Eating Habits, And Weight Gain

    Sleep Fragmentation Can Increase The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

    It Causes Atherosclerosis And Can Affect People Since Young Adulthood, Being Detected In The Middle Or Old Age

    Alternative Treatment Sleep Apnea If CPAP Machines Are Not An Option

    Among Them Are Losing Weight, Sleeping On The Side, Using Nasal Dilators, And Allergy Treatment

    CPAP Machines Are The Most Common Treatment For Sleep Apnea

    Special Care Must Be Taken With The Machines If The Patient Is Infected, Due To The Risk Of Spreading The Virus

    Insomnia Can Be Related To Other Health Conditions

    Among Them Are Acid Reflux And Snoring, Which Interrupt Sleep, And Anxiety, And Depression, Which Makes It More Difficult Falling Asleep.

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