CPAP Machines Are The Most Common Treatment For Sleep Apnea

CPAP Machines Are The Most Common Treatment For Sleep Apnea    

Special Care Must Be Taken With The Machines If The Patient Is Infected, Due To The Risk Of Spreading The Virus    

The most common treatment for sleep apnea is using CPAP machines, which generate positive air pressure to assist breathing. However, they require special attention, considering that it forces air into the respiratory system, which is affected during the current pandemic. If an infected person is using a CPAP machine and is not aware of the infection because he is asymptomatic (showing no symptoms) the machine might be distributing the virus around the room, infecting others. Even if there are no symptoms, it is important to go through diagnosis, because many sleep apnea sufferers are obese, which increases the risk of COVID-19. If the test results are positive, special care must not only be taken with the patient but also with the machine. It must be cleaned thoroughly according to the instruction manual, to decrease the risk of exposure. Click here for more details.


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