Lesser-Known Sleep Disorders Can Lead To Serious Condition

Lesser-Known Sleep Disorders Can Lead To Serious Condition    

Among Them Are Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy, And Other Disorders Related To REM Sleeping, And Even A Condition In Which The Sufferer Sleeps All Day Or For Several Days    

The most common sleep disorder is insomnia, but there are others to be aware of and can have even serious outcomes. The most known is sleep apnea, in which the tongue tissue relaxes at night, obstructing the airways. There is another type of sleep apnea, in which the brain fails to send the signals to breathe. Another disorder is narcolepsy, in which sufferers experience excess daytime sleepiness, even falling asleep at day. It occurs due to a REM disorder. REM is a sleep period in which a person dreams. In narcolepsy, the REM period enters while the sufferer is in a waking state. There are other disorders related to REM, in which the muscles do not relax during sleep, and can act their dreams, with the possibility of hurting themselves or others, and also sleep paralysis, in which the person remains relaxed even when they have awakened. Other less-known disorder, is the sleeping beauty syndrome, in which a person can sleep 23 hours per day, and even several days or weeks.https://justnosnoring.com/a84m


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    This Results In A Shorted Lifespan, Cognitive Ability Reduction, And Cardiovascular Diseases


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    Obstructive Sleep Apnea Related To Poor Memory Recall And Depression

    Study Was Performed On Individuals With Untreated OSA


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    However, It Might Help Alleviate Sleep Apnea


    Surgery For Sleep Apnea Moves The Mandible Forward

    It Clears The Airway Obstructions And Improves Quality Of Life


    New Treatment For Sleep Apnea Uses A Hot Probe

    It Is Inserted Through The Nose, To Reduce The Obstructive Tissue


    Women With Sleep Apnea Have A Higher Cardiovascular Disease Risk Than Men

    However, Sleep Apnea Is 2 To 5 Times More Common In Men Than In Women


    Enlarged Adenoids Can Cause Snoring And Also Breathing And Sleeping Problems

    They Can Also Sinus And Ear Infections


    Sleep Apnea Related To High Blood Pressure

    Patients With Excess Daytime Sleepiness Have More Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease


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