Using Weighed Blankets Found For Better Sleep And Less Stress And Anxiety

Using Weighed Blankets Found For Better Sleep And Less Stress And Anxiety    

The Give The Impression Of A Deep Hug And A Sensation Of Security    

Weighted blankets are a new trend in improving sleep and anxiety. They can weight from 4 to 25 pounds, and the users say it gives the impression of a hug and a sense of security. According to a study, users with moderate insomnia report an improved sleep and fewer movements after two weeks of use. Anxiety sufferers also reported lower anxiety in more than half of the cases. These blankets offer deep pressure stimulation, which is a form of touch that seems like a firm hug or a massage. Research on deep pressure stimulation has found positive results in calming adults and children with autism, anxiety and attention difficulties. Additional information click here.


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